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ePub In Classroom

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Welcome to ePub in the Classroom

The ePub format has become an industry standard for ebooks.  You can easily create ePub books with your students or you can create units and entire textbooks for use with your courses.  These resources will help you formulate your ePub format resources.



Test ePub.epub


Copyright and Fair Use


Creating ebooks:

     PowerPoint from the presentation Creating ePub Books.pptx 


Converting Files


Finding ebooks:


Read ePub files without an eReading device?

  • Download Adobe's free Digital Editions software -- unfortunately there is no multi-media support.
  • Firefox has a plugin (select "Add-ons" from the Tools menu) http://www.epubread.com/en/ that will read ePub files in the browser -- no multi-media support.
  • Google Chrome has a plugin also in the Google Chrome store here:  Chrome MagicScroll eBook Reader 
  • Create an account to upload and read ePub files on ePubBud.com -- supports embedded multi-media when viewed using Google's Chrome browser. 
  • Create an account to upload and read ePub files on bookworm.oreilly.com -- also supports embedded files using Chrome.


iPad Apps for Book Creation




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